Cartesian Consulting , Senior Associate , Analytics

  • 3-5 yrs
  • Not Disclosed

Job Description

We are Cartesian, a 12,year,old analytics firm. During this time, we, ve helped some of the largest brands across the globe unlock unprecedented value from their data. What we, ve achieved is the envy of the industry , scale without institutional funding, domestic market dominance, consistent recognition as one of the best analytics firms in India (including the Frost & Sullivan Marketing Analytics firm of the year , 2018), and a team that straddles analytical and business thinking better than anyone else.Our client list reads like a veritable who's who of companies at the cutting edge of decision sciences being applied for operational and revenue gains. Our greatest joy comes from not just having a valuable set of clients, but in them actively talking about us to their peers, partners and friends.We are obsessed about our people, our processes, our clients, and our commitment to their growth. We, ve been known to say `no, to opportunities that are not in line with our convictions. We, ve probably made frenemies along the way, for not shying away from what needs to be said. We make no bones that we expect every single one of our people to display the greatest sense of ownership and pride in the work they do. But we, re also fair , we drive ourselves harder every day to create an enabling culture.We, re proud of what we, ve achieved, and our ambitions are far larger. What's important for us is not just where we get to, but HOW we get there. Of course, we don, t have all the answers, but our joy comes from the exploration, and that's the kind of team we are.Let's start by telling you a few things that are critical to have, if you have to grow in Cartesian:, Customer Focus: If you, re thinking, , Oh! I got this,, think again. Let us explain. While we work with clients, we work forsolving their customers, problems. We believe that client delight is fully linked to customer delight. Quite naturally, we look to enrich our teams with people who think of their clients, and customers, problems as their own, Problem Solving mindset: Using a healthy balance of logic and intuition to create magic. You understand the value of asking questions and digging deep till you, ve exhausted all options. You appreciate that assumptions lead to incomplete or inaccurate outcomes. You are fearless because you know you, ve not taken the easy way out, Agility and Quick Learning: We love people who try. We love people who fail fast , then we know they are trying relentlessly. We love them even more if they are learning from it, and exploring newer and more creative methods to solve problems, Results, always: We don, t believe in molly,coddling. And so we hold you accountable for the thinking you bring in and the work you do. And that won, t be possible if we don, t provide the right environment to grow and nurture those capabilities. Which is why we equip before we expect.Now let's get down to what your job at Cartesian will look like:Position Summary:, Senior Associate would lead a team of Associates, Senior analysts, and Analysts to execute and deliver multiple cases simultaneously. He , She will drive client,ready analysis, end to end project execution, and team engagement., The best thing about working at Cartesian is the direct exposure you will have to not just clients, but also to very real everyday business problems. And not just exposure, you will participate in the solutioning, you will see your recommendations being implemented and you will be able to evaluate if they worked, how well, how far, etc., To be able to play this role exceptionally well, here are the key things you will do at Cartesian., Develop a deep understanding of client's industry and business, Work on developing solutions to maximize usage of analytics and decision sciences in any context (Lifetime value, Repeat, Retention, Cross Sell, Mix Modelling, Demand Forecasting etc), Understand client briefs across different industries (Retail, Telecom, Finance, Travel etc), Do exploratory analysis, data mining, report generation, Interact with clients to understand if your work is comprehensible and actionable, Hand,hold clients through that action, Analyse campaigns, build ROI models, Coordinate client projects and manage client expectations, Influence, work with and manage a teamCritical Skills:, Proficiency with SQL, Good exposure and application of R,Python, Advanced Excel and PowerPoint, Application of Advanced Data Analytics, Statistical techniques., Stakeholder management, Team managementEducation & Experience Requirements:, Education: B.E.,B.Tech + MBA, About 3,5 years of relevant work experienceWe should also let you know we put a premium on a few personality traits:, You are a person of your word. Nothing is more important than the commitment you make to yourself, your colleagues and your clients, You believe in the concept of FPR (First Person Responsibility). It doesn, t matter how young, inexperienced or new you are , at Cartesian we believe everyone has a voice, and something substantial to contribute, You, re not intimidated by hierarchy and experience, but also appreciate what you need to do to be able to earn a seat at the table, You, re able to work on a diverse range of clients and assignments with seamless transition from one to the other, A natural inclination towards winning, not whining