Job Description

Job Specifications :Qualifications : Masters and,or Bachelor of TechnologyKey Requirement for the Position :, Systems Gap Analysis & Wireframing of Solution experienceRequirement :, Gathering & Traceability understanding, P&C Insurance Operations (Risk,UW,PA,Claims,Actuarial) knowledge, BRD,FSD Documentation Experience, User Flow, Process Flow Charts, Diagrams & Tools knowledge, Insurance Domain Systems & Process knowledge, Experience : 6 Years 0 Months To 7 Years 0 MonthsJob Description :, Responsible for collecting all in, scope Business requirements in an insurance process, Elicit, analyse, specify, validate and verify the logic breakdown for "To Be" State of Business Solution, Ability to perform detailed analysis of existing systems,processes to ensure all aspects of the Business Solution requirements are understood & mapped, Able to prioritize requirements and negotiate on MVP on behalf of the technical team, Capable of managing all non, technical aspects of the new requirements, Able to map and formalize business requirements, ready for two way communication between, Business and technical channels to normalise a Workable solution, Experience in capturing details and documenting PRD, BRD, FSD details for creating the Solution Story overview, Capable of working with the Business overview to create User Stories and testing scenarios, Help technical teams to create all the optimal Use cases as per Business scenarios and Solution to cater Transformation and optimisation of existing systems,processes