Brand Growth Manager

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Job Description

About Emergant 

We are a technology company at our core, operating in the eCommerce space. Think of us as a portfolio company that buys established and profitable products and turns them into established brands, giving them the international reach they deserve. 

Our mission is to own and operate an active portfolio of exceptional companies with the long term vision and capability to evolve into category leaders. We buy good products and evolve them into elite brands with longevity both on- and off-line. 

Our team consists of world-class individuals that have a strong fit with our company's culture. Emergant cultivates a work environment of honesty, accountability, and trustworthiness while respecting each other's time and opinion. We are a true meritocracy. 

We believe that our ability to provide best-in-class tools, mentorship, and support, and to ultimately remove any blockers, is the key mechanism that allows innovative thinkers to perform at their best while perpetuating both personal growth and success for the company as a whole. 

About the Role 

We’re looking for a growth-oriented, independent thinker with the ability to manage the overall operations of a Brand to improve efficiency, expand on our systems, and ultimately increase the profitability of the brand. 

As a General Manager for a brand, you will be simultaneously responsible for managing the reputation, driving overall growth of the product line, and optimizing financial performance to maximize the bottom line. 

The General Manager will report to executive management and supervise their immediate team. 

Here are some points you’ll be able to look forward to: 

Be the CEO of the brand. You'll manage and be responsible for everything from supply chain, P&L, and advertising, to coming up with the most innovative growth hacks to assist in scaling our brands. You’ll pore over sales data, identify trends, and become a master of the competitive landscape. If this sounds more like fun than a stressful experience, you're our kind of partner. 

More than just a salary. We believe the best people have options. That's why we're not going to cap your income when you create an astonishing amount of value for us. Your upside is directly tied to the success of your brand, and we're going to make sure you receive world-class compensation for bringing your world-class skill set to Emergant. 

No job is too small for you. Even though you'll be deciding how to allocate millions of dollars worth of marketing budget, you'll also be the one answering customer service emails from customers of all types: satisfied, dissatisfied, prospective, lifelong purchasers and everything in between. 

You will become a process architect. Each brand is treated as its own separate entity. YOUR entity. You are going to be a world-class operator running the brand itself, and at the same time, ensuring that we have the infrastructure to scale. You're not going to be a one-person band forever, and we'll help you with that. 

Become a marketing guru through deep empathy. You’ll know your customers inside and out and regularly walk miles in their shoes (sometimes literally). Through developing a deep empathy for your customer personas, you’ll have key insight into where/how to develop line extensions, ideate new products, and identify growth marketing opportunities for the brand. 

Best-in-class tools & support. Our team is one of our biggest assets. You'll be surrounded by stellar operators from all around the country here to support you with mentorship, guidance, and service functions to make sure you have all the tools to succeed. If you want to be the culmination of the 5 people you spend the most time with, let us take at least 4 of those slots. 

About You 

You believe in the concept of extreme ownership. This brand is going to be yours. Its successes, its failures, and its growth are ultimately attributable to you. You aren’t afraid to put your name on something, and when you say you’re going to get something done, you do it without exception. 

A keen mind for data. You're naturally curious. You understand that data is the impetus, alpha, and omega for nearly all decision-making. You must be able to analyze complex problems and ascertain trends in sales data, the competitive landscape, and make informed decisions on how/where to expand product lines. 

Growth is in your DNA. You find yourself naturally striving to grow and develop not only your work, but also yourself. You understand that we're all a work in progress, and you enjoy the process of growth even more than the end result. If you find gratification in delayed gratification, you're probably in the right place. 

You identify as an eternal student. In this role, you’re going to have to be adaptive, responsive, and learn many new things. We understand that it’s impossible to find someone with every skill we ask for, and that’s why we’re here to support you. Coachability is one of the key attributes we look for in our hires. 

You’re scrappy and don’t mind moving quickly. Even though we’ve grown astronomically, we still function like a startup. We believe in autonomy with accountability, and if you see opportunities, you pursue them. You probably dislike bureaucracy and only see it as an impediment to progress. 

You’re not afraid to get your hands dirty. This role requires a significant amount of hands-on work in addition to the high-level creativity and strategy that comes with running a brand. You’ll be handling brand reputation, customer service, running reports, analyzing data, working with designers on new products, conducting market research, and reading financial documents — sometimes all within the same day. 

You are a communication conduit. You’ve probably already worn a lot of hats, managed cross-functional teams, and know how to communicate with people who have very different backgrounds from your own. In this role, you’ll communicate regularly with almost every business function as well as our international partners. You’ll need to develop positive working relationships everywhere you go. 

You stay organized within chaos. Make no mistake, you’re going to be juggling a lot of balls, and it’s going to feel like chaos at times. You’ll need strong organizational skills and come with systems in order to maintain your place of peace within the eye of the hurricane. 

Preferred Skills & Experience

Here are some hard skills we’re looking for (if you don’t have ALL of them, let’s still have a conversation): 

Growth marketing experience - You have a solid understanding of CAC:LTV and its importance in growing a brand. You deeply understand or have previously used a suite of digital marketing tools (Amazon Ads, Google/YouTube Ads, Facebook Ads, Klaviyo, Hubspot, ActiveCampaign). 

eCommerce or digital sales experience required - You've had experience selling products online, whether they are physical goods, services at scale, or SaaS. You must deeply understand the digital customer journey from acquisition to retention/evangelism.  

Online Marketplace Experience - You’ve previously sold products on Amazon, Walmart, or have experience with D2C platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, etc. 

Some experience in retail - It’s a strong plus if you’ve had experience in the retail industry and have an eye for strong merchandising. 

Moderate to advanced experience with Google Sheets/Excel and data tools - This experience is preferred as you’ll spend a lot of time analyzing data as the primary impetus for decision-making. You might also have experience with Tableau, Looker, Google Data Studio, etc. 

Remote/Independent work experience - We’re a fully remote company, and we know it’s a different ball game. The ideal candidate will have experience freelancing, working for a remote company, and overall be a strong self-starter. We’re not going to give you a to-do list. 

Salary & Benefits 

Remote work and flexible hours
Best-in-class salary structure with strong performance incentives (if you knock it out of the park, this will be the best-paying job you’ve ever had by a significant margin)
Employer-subsidized medical, dental, and vision insurance
Competitive paid time off
Access to world-class mentors in the eCommerce space
Ongoing training and education/professional development