Awign , Senior Product Manager , IIM,MDI,ISB,FMS

  • 2-6 yrs
  • Not Disclosed

Job Description

Job Responsibilities:, Defining the product strategy and roadmap for the upcoming quarter., Deliver. You do more than talk , you put things on paper, get your hands dirty, talk to users and execute with precision with an iterative mindset to learn from your product releases, Data is the most efficient form of feedback from users, you will leverage data insights merged with qualitative user feedback to prioritise the right set of problems and build user,centric product features to test your hypothesis., Lead a cross,functional team,pod, partnering with engineering, design, analyst, QA and other teams to ship products to your end,users, Understand that , one size doesn, t fit all, and conceptualise solutions that are configurable and adaptable to the maximum extent possible, Define clear and well,scoped requirements and usability documents that are easily understood by technical and non,technical audiencesOKR Methodology at AwignAwign Product Team strongly believes in OKR methodology, and as an associate product manager, you will be picking up 2,3 concentrated bets which are high impact, needle moving projects to significantly and permanently change the user experience for the better. This enables entire organization alignment to the bets you are driving with no cross functional challenges. High on Ownership and Job SatisfactionYou will play a critical role in every aspect of the product development process , from figuring out the next big innovation to working closely with engineers and designers to implement such features. Your work will push you to be highly creative, have principled thinking, be extremely data driven, and command respect from Engineers, Designers with your product vision and clarity on execution. You will need to take multiple product decisions every week, and you want your entire team to look towards you as someone who they can trust. You will take some good and bad calls, and both of them will teach you immensely about customer behavior. Who can apply?, 0,2 years of overall work experience, B .Tech,B.E from Tier 1 colleges, Blue sky problem solving skills with the ability to break,down problems into smaller pieces and come up with actionable solutions., You get energy from talking to customers, empathising with them, and truly understanding their problem., You don, t assume you know the answer, you ground everything in data and voice of customers., Strong data,driven prioritization skills. You find a way to get the data you need and whip it into an insightful story with no help. You know how to use this data to make decisions without getting stuck in analysis paralysis., You think bold and big, you think of the long term answers with some short term hacks, You care deeply about your product, giving your stamp on anything, you have a high bar on everything you touch, Demonstrated leadership which enabled business results, Strong ability to communicate and work collaboratively with others, Strong attention to details and a go,getter attitude, A never,ending desire to grow and learnWhat can you expect?, Guidance from best generation of product leaders in the industry (IIT Alumni), A phenomenal work environment, with huge ownership and growth opportunities, Freedom to take on as many responsibilities and project as you can across domains, Massive, and direct impact of the work you do on lives of people, A high performance, high velocity environment at the cutting edge of growth, Rubbing shoulders with some of the smartest folks in the ecosystem, A culture of , doers, and not one of , approvals, , Strong ownership expectation and freedom to fail