AVP,VP , Solution Architect , Supply Chain Management

  • 15-22 yrs
  • Not Disclosed

Job Description

Single Point of Contact Accountabilities, Managing all senior client buyer and functional owner relationships for the designated solution , Driving the necessary sign,off of the solution with proper input from Market Units, Sales, Deal teams on client business objectives, industry, risk assessment, budget and preferences (see service group rules,process and escalation approach for specifics) , Managing the sales team, Subject Matter Experts and extended teams (Transition, Technology, service desk, Costing, Pricing) required during the sales process and the communication, collaboration with Outsourcing Service Delivery teams, Directing and coordinating with Legal & Commercial and Corporate Transaction Services (CTS) in areas specific to the solution to ensure use of standards and ensure coverage to adequate risk protection in contracts, Collaborating with the Market Units to provide input to Terms and Conditions and in some cases accountable for specific Outsourcing contractual terms and conditions, Identifying leadership contacts for service transition and operations and ensuring appropriate solution plan transition for closed deals, Interfacing with the delivery organization,s (through Account Lead when assigned) to ensure effective transition, shape services, collaborate on clear solution assumptions, determine appropriate service delivery locations and related cost to deliver, Orchestrating the action points coming out of the opportunity Quality Assurance processSolution Planning and Deal Shaping for Qualified Deals, Understand and translate buyer requirements into a standard solution offering deal approach, solution plan, proposal and cost estimate leveraging standard process methods, deliverables and the right collection of offerings, Collaborating as a key member of the sales team to represent the solution offering to the client buyer and other internal Accenture groups, Aligning final solution architecture (including statement of work, schedules and other contractual documents) with final terms and conditions, Be able to shape solutions on key business outcomes that may benefit the client's retained org and find a way for Accenture to earn more revenue while demonstrating competitive advantage on value to be committedCommercial and Financial Responsibilities, Preparing the Business Development (BD) spend estimate, schedule, work plan, resource,sourcing plan, Understand and clearly define the input required to create cost estimates; Preparing the cost model estimates working with Service Delivery, Solution Management (if applicable) and CTS to deliver the defined scope of services People Management Responsibilities, Ability to get work done through others , extended teams, Mentor and support team members and junior solution architectsSkills criteria:Strategies, Offerings, and Solutions, Good understanding of offering strategy, the standard solution components, the likely adaptations of the solution, as well as knowledge of recent deals,solutions and changes that were made to the standards , End to end understanding of the Supply Chain function, Domain knowledge of the Supply Chain services space, particularly sales and Operations planning, material,inventory planning, order management , fulfillment, warranty claims, etc to name a few., Ability to clearly articulate and "sell" the Supply Chain value proposition and being able to explain the solution in simple terms. Being able to "draw" the solution on a white board in a few minutes in such a way that the audience understands how it works and what the key variables are that will impact the solution cost , Strong understanding of digital ecosystem, platforms, analytical tools and providers for various technologies , Experience on Supply Chain platforms e.g. Kinaxis, Blue Yonder, etc. will be an added advantage, Strong experience in building dynamic and robust commercial models (value based, gain share, transaction based) for the Supply Chain function., Should possess a good point of view on the future of Supply Chain services and the digital innovations and transformations in the market. Should be able to engage with clients leaders , Experienced in client engagements where process and platform transformation has been sold to clients. Bring skills and knowledge to digitize client's process challenges. Business & Commercial Acumen, Commercial acumen , understands the financials and whether we can deliver a deal profitably , Excellent with numbers and analysis, Delivery Expertise, understanding of what we can deliver so can solution it appropriately , Detail Oriented, needs to be able to go deep or stay at high level depending upon the audience and the needRelationship Management, Focused on buyer,value expectations , Good listening skills & ability to interpret requirements and buyer values in such a way that we take the shortest route possible to the answer , Able to communicate shared understanding of changes that the client will also need to make other required changes on their end , Able to help client feel like solution is one,to,one but leverages our standard offering, Being willing to bringing in the right experts , industry, offering, etc to ensure we most effectively address the client's needs and expectations, Able to manage the internal stakeholders & make things happen seamlessly & make sign,offs,reviews a natural act so that the deal is effectively reviewed as it is built vs. leaving these sign offs to the last minute resulting in everyone feeling pressured