Job Description


Area Sales Manager is responsible for the Sales performance of the assigned Area State Channel. He She will deliver the overall Area sales objectives by

1. Implementing Monthly Quarterly Operating Plans

2. Building robust Distributor(CP Distributor) infrastructure

3. Driving Quantity Quality of Coverage and POP Execution

4. Managing Customer

5. Developing Team

Key Responsibilities Work Areas

Sales planning and Execution

Firm up sales plans for the month quarter annum with RSM Head of Sales

Ensuring right forecasting, volume Value build up for the monthly numbers and clarity on Trade marketing inputs

Communicating and aligning the plans with the Sales Team

Tracking and Monitoring of Sales plans on Daily weekly basis

Monitoring Promo effectiveness on the SKU brand (both Consumer Trade Promo)

Identifying issues and the opportunities at Brand Category level looking at internal and external trends.

Building Distributor Infrastructure

Closely monitoring Distributor infrastructure and its effectiveness

Proactively building infrastructure blue print in line with sales growths and coverage objectives.

Identifying gaps in terms of investment, infrastructure and work out corrective actions.

Aligning large Distributors with JBP (Joint Business Plan) on all important business objectives for the City Channel.

Driving Quantity, Quality of Coverage and POP Execution

Continuous focus on increasing availability of our Products

Increasing Direct Coverage with right bench marks

Increasing Numerical Distribution by leveraging Channels

Driving sales efficiency metrics ECO, TLS, Bills cut, LPB etc

Understanding the new emerging trends in FMCG distributive Trade.

Implementing Channel programmes and Visibility drives

Monitoring all key brand Activities of the month quarter at the POP

DSR effectiveness in terms of key activities programmes

Continuous focus on width and depth of our Brands as per the Channel spread

Managing Customer


Providing Excellent service to the trade PDP, Line Fill

To manage his investments Stock, Credit and Claims management as per agreed norms.

Quarterly ROI study and take corrective actions.

Building and developing AW Distributor Crew.

Building relationship for a long term partnership.


Provides best in class service through our AW Distributor

Damage Expiry stock management

Claim settlements as per the norms

Building and Developing Team

People planning as per span and channel specifications

Providing right directions on execution, sales and process orientation

Regular Sales performance review and feedback

Identifying skill competency gaps and working out Development Action Plans

Key Skill and Competency required for an ASM

1. Excellent communication

2. Objective analytical

3. Plan creation

4. Leadership

5. Customer Management

6. Market Orientation

7. Passion for Delivery