Job Description

Responsibilities:Solve business problems which involves:a. Brainstorm with clients,onsite and internal teams to define a problemb. Translate the business problem into an analytical problemc. Identify internal and external data requirements for solving the analytical problem d. Solving the analytical problem using concepts from mathematics, statistics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine learninge. Translate the solution to a business solution and create artefacts that can help communicate the solution to clients like dashboards, power point slides, excel sheets etc.2. Understand challenges faced by our clients in the context of their business and industry.Requirements:1. At least 5 years of working experience in analytics2. Strong analytical,logical thinking and communication skills3. Proficient in: a. SQL, R and,or Python b. Visualization tools like Tableau or SpotFire and Exposure to Cloud data handling4. Experience in statistical techniques such as Regression, Clustering & Time Series Forecasting, etc.