Advanced Practice Clinician - Fairview Heights, Illinois

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Job Description

PPSLRSWMO currently has an opening for an Advanced Practice Clinician.  This is a full-time, benefited position at the Fairview Heights, Illinois health center.

POSITION TITLE:              Advanced Practice Clinician
STATUS:                               Full Time
REPORTS TO:                     Lead Clinician; Associate Medical Director
PAY RATE:                          $45.00 an hour
Under approved protocols and a collaborative practice agreement, provides high quality reproductive health care through initiation and maintenance of patients in a family planning and related health services regimen.  Ensures an environment that honors patient autonomy and is consistent with approved affiliate protocols. May require travel to other PPSLRSWMO sites and provision of care via telehealth. May require day, evening, weekend hours. Requires excellent written and oral communication skills. Requires mobility to provide physical exams.
·         Assesses patient’s family planning needs by obtaining and evaluating medical and social history.
·         Performs appropriate health screening procedures consistent with approved skills including, but not limited to, breast, pelvic recto-vaginal examination, testicular exam, prostate exam, and extremity visualization.
·         Expected to perform all existing and new service lines offered to patients by the affiliate
·         Orders, obtains, and interprets appropriate laboratory tests
·         Provides client-centered counseling and education about family planning methods to patients, and manages patients’ problems and questions related to such
·         Provides counseling and education about complementary health services to patients, e.g., STDs, HIV, EC, and manages patients’ problems and questions related to such
·         Examines patients and dispenses contraceptives and other medications as indicated
·         Make referrals in accordance with the standards and guidelines of PPFA and of PPSLRSWMO.  Follows up with patients as indicated in standards and guidelines and as indicated by the severity of the referral condition
·         Estimates uterine size by pelvic examination for the purpose of pregnancy determination and makes appropriate referrals
·         Obtains proper consultation in the event of an abnormal Pap smear, mass in the breast, etc., and interprets follow-up to the patient
·         Refers patients as appropriate to medical and social service providers
·         Participates in the development and maintenance of quality care systems and standards, including but not limited to, medical protocols/guidelines
·         Maintains a “patient advocate” role in monitoring quality of care
·         Adhere to affiliate policies on professionalism, wait time in-clinic and on the phone, and the system for addressing client complaints
·         As indicated, participates in committee work; attends and presents at medical committees, represents affiliate on community coalitions related to health care.
·         Active member of clinician team.  Attends meetings as indicated.  Active participation in discussion and decisions about the provision of care in the clinics
·         Orientates and trains, as delegated, new clinic staff in medical standards and practices.  Educates all clinic staff on an on-going basis on medical information consistent with services provided
·         Presents medical topics at affiliate in-services as needed
·         Documents in the medical record, in English, all encounters with patients, consistent with affiliate Quality Assurance and Risk Management standards
·         Follows protocol for approved services and operates within the confines of policy, protocol, medical guidelines, and collaborative practice agreements
·         Consults with the medical director, health center manager, and director of health services as appropriate.  Informs any/all of those listed if an incident with a client occurs which warrant such, including those on the occurrence lists
·         Compliant with all infection control policies and procedures; safeguards patients and self
·         Performs lab tests correctly and records accurately all lab results in designated lab books, medical records, etc.
·         Monitors and assists regional manager in monitoring clinic staff for compliance with medical standards and guidelines
·         Protects confidentiality of PPSLRSWMO clients, staff, volunteers, donors, Board, and all other areas of operations
·         Protects PPSLRSWMO and its assets from liability
·         Follows HIPAA privacy and security guidelines
·         May perform in a training capacity with newly hired PPSLRSWMO clinicians
·         Contributes to the clinic’s growth through marketing, scheduling, budgetary ideas for service provision
·         Participate in health center/affiliate efforts to achieve established productivity and revenue cycle goals.
·         Presents on reproductive health care to the community as need dictates and training permits
·         Documents in legible, accurate English all interactions with clients in corresponding medical records.
·         Reports any unusual circumstances to health center coordinator and follows procedure as outlined in manual, memos, and other PP documents
·         Follows the most recent PPFA/PPSLRSWMO medical standards and guidelines and ensures client is aware of individual follow up plan for medical service
·         Cognizant and compliant with policies and procedures as outlined in affiliate’s Clinic Procedure Manual and in the PPFA manuals
·         Protects PPSLRSWMO and its assets from liability
·         Protects confidentiality of PPSLRSWMO clients, staff, volunteers, donors, Board, and all other areas of operation
·         Follows HIPAA privacy and security guidelines
·         Advanced Practice Clinician with an advanced degree, or certificate of graduation from an advanced practice certificate course
·         Maintains all licensure and certification up to date and to provide a copy of such to the affiliate. Current licensure (and certification, if applicable) is a condition of employment
·         Holds certification in area of specialty
·         Current state Missouri and Illinois license required
·         Able to function in a collaborative practice agreement
·         Ability to work in a fast paced setting
·         Ability to make sound, ethical, independent decisions consistent with medical protocols
·         Understanding of and commitment to health care and to patients’ involvement in their health care
·         Ability to effectively work with diverse populations
·         Effective oral and written English communication skills
Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region and Southwest Missouri does not discriminate on any basis such as culture, age, race, color, sex, marital status, gender identity, ethnic heritage, language, national origin, spiritual belief or tradition, sexual orientation, physical ability/characteristics, genetic information, number of pregnancies, socio-economic circumstances or any other basis protected by applicable law. 
Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region and Southwest Missouri acknowledges and owns our past and present, therefore we seek to look inward into how white supremacy continues to show up in Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region and Southwest Missouri. We have a responsibility to create a place of equity and of inclusion and we commit to dismantling racism and moving the needle to a more equitable workplace at Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region and Southwest Missouri.

PPSLRSWMO is a tobacco-free workplace and an equal opportunity employer.