Accenture Senior Manager Recruitment

  • 15-20 yrs
  • Not Disclosed

Job Description

Provide strategic guidance, enablement, thought leadership and operational assistance to the recruitment team. Optimize teams' abilities to achieve delivery, quality, diversity and costs targets for recruitment. Lead the respective team and ensure compliance and control of all recruitment activities and processes. Execute all or some of the sourcing, scouting and candidate management processes including Supplier Relationship Management, Alumni programs, Recruitment Marketing and Analytics. Talent Segment Human ResourcesKey Responsibilities  Your role includes some or all of the following key responsibilities. You should review these in conjunction with career level guidelines to gain a clear understanding of the expectations for your role. Overall   Plan, design, manage and measure the success of global recruiting projects and build a collaborative relationship and partner closely with each GU Recruiting lead, thus enabling operational efficiencies in recruitment delivery and lead high impact, multi country recruiting initiatives Work with the Resource Forecasting Lead and Resource Pool Leads to understand short and long term talent objectives and hiring forecasts create and implement short term tactical plans to meet SLA performance metrics and financial targets through the efficient use of human resources, technology and maximization of workforce Oversee the achievement of the Global Recruiting Metric targets Drive cost optimization by employing appropriate channel mix strategies Act as the global SME for hiring and partner with local recruitment teams to identify key challenges and work towards implementable solution Provide a forum for sharing best practices and highlight key global strategic initiatives in talent acquisition and drive the entity recruitment teams to achieve the entity's recruitment targets Define and develop assessment recommendations for all businesses and levels Engage with HR and Business leadership in addressing key recruitment challenges, develop and prioritize recruiting and sourcing strategies and key recruiting initiatives Work with Marketing and Communications team on external branding and candidate experience, collaborate with business, HR and Recruitment leadership to drive supply demand planning to meet overall business objectives Develop approach for recruitment systems initiatives, critical components and timeline, ensuring scope is clearly defined and expectations are articulated to all team members and key stakeholders involved Responsible for developing the strategic approach to support all Recruitment and HR initiatives required by the business, establish critical components and timeline, ensuring scope is clearly defined and expectations are articulated to all team members and key stakeholders involved Ensure one Accenture face to the market and maintain up to date market knowledge and expertise in various geographical recruitment trends and practices, providing guidance and support as needed to Entity Recruiting Leads Act as key point of contact for HR, Finance and Recruitment Marketing leadership in regards to cross geography issues. May also be responsible for the development, implementation and functionality enhancement for recruitment system and functional components, i.e. general usage, content and reporting Oversee GU recruitment budget, balance resources across entities and responsible for Recruitment audit and compliance Career Level ExpectationsBelow are the expectations for all employees in this role. Please note that additional criteria may apply in some countries. If your home country appears in the "Country Specific Information" link at right, please click the country name to view the applicable expectations for this role. ComplexityDegree of difficulty of an assignment or the level of problem solving assessment and resolution required, as indicated by degree of problem solving, strategic vs. routine focus, and stakeholder interactions (e.g., Executives, Supervisor, etc.) Requires identifying and assessing complex problems for area(s) of responsibility. Creates solutions in situations in which analysis requires in depth knowledge of organizational objectives. Requires involvement in setting strategic direction to establish near term goals for area(s) of responsibility. Interaction is with senior management levels at a client and or within Accenture, involving negotiating or influencing on significant matters.AuthorityPower to influence or complete assignments independently and ability to make decisions, as indicated by latitude to devise work products or plans, reliance on instruction and decision making ability Latitude in decision making and determination of objectives and approaches to critical assignmentsImpact or Decision ImpactRisk or consequences in the event of failure, as indicated by range of expected impact, such as within a team or across a team or area of responsibility and level of risk Decisions have a lasting impact on area of responsibility with the potential to impact areas outside of own responsibilityScopeDegree of accountability for assigned tasks, our clients and or the organization, as indicated by size of work effort and scale of entity and or program Manages large teams and or work efforts at a client or within AccentureLeadership DNA Leading our people, clients and communities in the New It's foundational to our Leadership DNA that all of our people be role models, living our Core Values and adhering to our Code of Business Ethics. Leadership DNA focuses first on the outcomes that represent a new kind of leader one who experiments, inspires others, works across boundaries, and adapts to the constant change around us.