Accenture Senior Analyst Computer Incident Response Team

  • 4-7 yrs
  • Not Disclosed

Job Description

We are IT security professionals with experience in SIEM and Arc sight software experience.

Level 10 Senior Analyst

Job Description

The Computer Incident Response Team .CIRT. is responsible for conducting investigations .primary. and responding to network intrusions .secondary.. Conducting Investigations .Primary. Of primary importance CIRT is responsible for establishing a chain of custody for evidence conducting necessary computer forensics including bit stream backups of suspect media and hard drive analysis. These investigations may include embezzlement intellectual property theft harassment fraud and trafficking of pornography on the Internet or Accenture's intranet as well as other types of fraud. CIRTs assistance also extends to mail file reviews and e mail tracing as needed in support of these investigations. CIRT also on occasion provides technical support to Human Resources and Accenture Legal and Commercial offices in conducting internal investigations. Responding to Network Intrusions and or or Incidents .Secondary. Second CIRT is responsible for coordinating with the numerous groups which could be involved in responding to intrusions as well as conducting follow up investigations to such incidents.

This position will be responsible for conducting forensic examinations of Accenture computers and mail files in support of CIRT investigations and other responsibilities as described below

Triage cases coming to CIRT

Perform computer incident investigations determining the cause of the security incident and appropriately preserving evidence for potential legal action

Perform detailed forensic analysis on writable media

Assess artifacts and close incident vulnerability as appropriate preserve technical evidence as appropriate

Analyze potential infrastructure security incidents to determine if incident qualifies as a legitimate security breach

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